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Steel and metalworking: Highest quality and most modern processes.

Steel and metalworking

More than two decades of experience in the field of sheet metal processing, state-of-the-art machinery and constant quality control at the highest level ensure the highest quality of our products.

Expertise & ongoing quality control for top products

We form and machine sheet metal to the highest quality standards (ISO 9001, EN 1090-2, EN ISO 3834-2, International Welding Engineer) for more than 2,000 customers throughout Europe. With 150 highly qualified employees and more than 20 years of expertise, the Schobeli Group is a reliable partner in steel and metal processing. High product quality, short delivery times and fair prices make us an attractive partner for numerous regular and new customers.

Production and surface treatment

Schobeli Group is one of the most important partners on the European market when it comes to components for steel structures for halls and warehouses. However, our production also includes a number of smaller components, such as the construction of machines, advertising media, building fittings, furniture parts, various metal supports, and many others. In the field of surface treatment we offer, also in cooperation with long-term partner companies, powder coating, hot-dip galvanizing, electrogalvanizing, blasting and wet painting.

Our work is certified

Constant quality control and further development are central concerns of the Schobeli Group. Both our employees and our production are always up to date.


  • 6x Power source EWM 450 water cooling
  • 4x Power source KUHTREIBER 354
  • Welding method MIG/MAG short-circuit/puls


  • Part capacity 1000×6000 mm
  • Positioner capacity 1000 kg
  • Welding methode MIG/MAG short-circuit/puls/SAT
  • Two welding arms


  • Part capacity 2500×2500 mm
  • Part weight 500 kg
  • Welding methode MIG/MAG short-circuit/puls/SAT
  • One welding arm


  • Part capacity 1000×1000 mm
  • Part weight 500 kg
  • Welding method MIG/MAG short-circuit/puls
  • One welding arm


  • Press force 2x 220 t
  • Bend length 7400 mm
  • Throat depth 550 mm
  • Open height 530 mm
  • Stroke length 265 mm


  • workpiece length 15 m
  • Workpiece dimension 1200×1200 mm
  • Max. drill diameter D40
  • Carbide drill technology, scribing, milling, threading

Plasma und Acetyl schneiden

  • Power source Hypertherm HD 130
  • Workpiece dimension 2000×8000 mm
  • Structural steel 0,5÷200 mm
  • Stainless steel 0,8÷20 mm
  • Aluminium 1,2÷20 mm
  • Accuracy +/- 0,5 mm


  • cut size 630×360
  • cut angle -30° až 60°
  • volume cut
  • workpiece length 15 m


  • cut size 250×250 mm
  • cut angle -30° až 60°
  • workpiece length 6 m


  • With automatic positioner step 6 m
  • Bars up to 15 wrotter
  • Bundle sawing up to 600×400 mm


  • ISO 50
  • 1016×660


  • punching force 30 tun (300 kN)
  • workpiece dimension 1250×2500 (flat bars up to 6000 mm)

Laser cutting

  • Thickness up to 20 mm
  • Sheet 1500×3000 mm

shot blasting

  • Size 1×0,6 m
  • Bars up to 12 m


12×5 m

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