Smart Repair: restoration and repair of damaged surfaces

Smart Repair

For more than 20 years we have been specialists in the restoration and repair of damaged surfaces on steel, metal and panels. This makes us rare and very important experts.

Repair instead of replacement: sustainable and cost-efficient

Dents and dents in otherwise undamaged surfaces often have no static effects, but are visually disturbing. A complete replacement of the respective parts would cause high costs. For this reason, we have specialized in the restoration of damaged surfaces.

With our cost-effective smart repair process, we make optical defects disappear. We also support you with faded paintwork or repainting with our more than 20 years of experience – if required and within Europe also with our mobile painting service.

Professional, reliable and cost-effective

We are available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You call us, we come. After a detailed inspection, we will prepare a solution proposal tailored to your needs. If this corresponds to your idea, the damaged surface will be immaculate in just a few days – and that with complete budget security.

In the field of sandwich panels, we have been working closely with well-known companies for years. Thus, we can also professionally and invisibly renovate your panel from Kingspan Panels, SAB Profile Panels, Joris Ide Panels or Falk Panels.

Our services

We repair all painted surfaces on steel, metal and panels, both exterior and interior. From facades and roofs, to refrigerators and freezers, to containers and much more, our Smart Repair specialists can repair any damage, large or small, that can happen quickly during operation or installation.

We repair among others:

  • Scratches
  • Dents
  • Holes in sheet metal
  • Sheet metal replacement
  • Damage repair (e.g. graffiti)
  • Color coordination with the building facade
  • completely new facade paint

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Service 24/7

We are here for you around the clock, seven days a week.

Project management

From order acceptance to assembly, construction coordination and control, your project is in our hands.

100% color and optical fit

To ensure that the damage is not visible later, we work out a perfect color and structurally identical fit.

There for you all over Europe

We are represented in 6 European countries with more than 300 employees. This means that we can reach you quickly at any time.

What we can do for you

We dare to say: “Can’t be done, doesn’t exist!” Because: Provided that the damage is statically irrelevant, we can repair almost anything. That’s how much confidence we have in our Smart Repair process. Even with complex requirements, we take over the entire project management for you. In close consultation with you, we develop a solution concept and ensure the earliest possible repair of the damaged surface – without interrupting your daily operations.

To ensure that we can continue to deliver the best performance for you in the future, we regularly undergo further training. This is how we come up with innovative solutions that have one goal in particular: To perfectly restore damaged surfaces – whether it’s repairing scratches and dents or making color adjustments.

Facade renovation

An object gains or loses attractiveness via the building envelope. Unsightly dents, scratches or other damage to metal or panels are usually not relevant from a functional point of view. Visually, however, they are noticeable. Using the Smart Repair process, we match the surface of the damaged areas to the facade in a color and structurally invisible way. In doing so, we specifically treat the affected areas in order to repair only what is really necessary.

Cold rooms

As permanently integrated structures of a building, cold storage rooms are usually in use for years. They often provide space for storing large and heavy loads. Over time, superficial damage to cold rooms often makes them look outdated or unsanitary. Using the Smart Repair process, we repair the damaged areas and create a homogeneous surface. The cold room gains in visual attractiveness and thus in service life.


Containers are used for the transport and storage of goods. Over time, they lose their visual appeal. However, replacement does not always make sense from an economic point of view – especially since functionality is not directly affected by most damage. We use the smart repair process to restore the damaged areas and visually match them almost invisibly to the surrounding surface.

Refrigerated truck

Refrigerated trucks are used for temperature-controlled transports. The technology integrated here is very complex due to the insulated structure and the installed refrigeration unit. Especially for temperature-sensitive goods, you must be able to rely on the functioning of the cooling system. With our smart repair process, we repair damage, dents and scratches so that the refrigerated truck also remains visually flawless.

There for you throughout Europe

Throughout Europe, our employees take care of refurbishing or painting damaged or insufficiently painted surfaces. As a German company, we naturally serve the DACH region. But also in Italy, in France, in Poland or in Hungary we help your facade, your containers or your cold storage rooms or refrigerated trucks with our Smart-Repair process to a new shine.

»The Smart Repair process enables the targeted treatment of damaged surfaces. After reconditioning, the color and optical fit is 100 percent. We stand by this with our word.«

Dalibor Scholaster, Managing Director

You have a damaged surface? With the Smart Repair process, we restore it professionally and with full cost control.

Why renovation is worthwhile

A scratch or dent usually does little to disturb the overall impression of a building, a refrigerated truck or a container. The fact is: they would still be more beautiful if the damage were not there. If a new building is added to an existing building, there are also often color differences between the two structures on the façade, for example due to a faded or aged color.

No matter whether it is a scratch, a dent or a color deviation: As a rule, complete replacement is not a profitable solution – that would result in high costs. With the professional smart repair process, we achieve a visually perfect surface even without replacement. It is a comparatively inexpensive and sustainable solution that can be used for any kind of damage.

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Dalibor Scholaster, Managing Director Schobeli Gruppe