Metal construction: Stable and aesthetic solutions for the future

Metal construction

Metal convinces with great stability, longevity and through its versatile application possibilities. Particularly in combination with other materials, optimal results are possible not only visually but also in terms of energy.

Metal facades: High energy efficiency and flexible design

Our core service in metal construction is the construction of facades. On the one hand, they are decisive for the first impression of a building. In combination with various other materials, such as glass, stone or panels, metal facades can be designed to be modern and visually appealing.

On the other hand, facades have an important protective function and are crucial for the well-being of the people who spend time in the buildings. Professionally designed and installed metal facades can achieve not only great stability but also high energy efficiency.

The Schobeli Group is a specialist in the design and construction of ventilated metal facades. We make use of the chimney effect, which has a significantly positive effect on the energy balance of a building. In this way, we meet the important and ever-increasing demand for sustainable, energy-efficient construction.

Versatile applications

Metal is a versatile material that is used in a wide variety of applications. In addition to facade cladding, the Schobeli Group also offers various other metal construction services: Industrial and commercial buildings, sports facilities, private residential construction, renovations and much more. Please contact us for an individual consultation!

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Project management

From order acceptance to assembly, construction coordination and control, your project is in our hands.

Specialized in industrial and commercial buildings

Even for very complex and multi-layered requirements, our team of specialists develops the right solution.

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We are represented in 6 European countries with more than 300 employees. This means that we can reach you quickly at any time.

What we can do for you

The Schobeli Group has been a specialist in metal construction, especially in facade construction, for many years. We construct and install metal facades according to your individual wishes. There are hardly any limits to the material: different shapes, colors or combinations with other materials ensure an aesthetic overall appearance. At the same time, we never lose sight of the aspect of energy efficiency. Our team of experienced specialists ensures durable, stable, visually appealing and energy-sustainable solutions at economical prices!

Metal construction

A major component in the field of metal construction is the construction and implementation of facades. We develop these from the well thought-out interplay between aluminum, glass, stone and panels. In addition to the demand for visual perfection, we also take into account energy aspects. The latter in particular are gaining in importance – especially in larger building projects. By using the “chimney effect” for us and “ventilating” the facade, we have a positive influence on the energy balance of the building.

Steel and metal processing

We have been shaping steel and metal for more than two decades. In doing so, we work according to the highest quality criteria and always at the cutting edge of technology. Short delivery times and fair prices make us an attractive and reliable partner for more than 2,000 customers throughout Europe.

Smart Repair

Quick invisible repair of damaged surfaces on metal facades, sandwich panels and much more.

There for you all over Europe

We make our comprehensive services tangible for you: We are on the road for you throughout Europe. We also send our mobile paint shop on its way to you when you need it. We are represented in 5 countries with over 300 employees. This means we can be on site quickly at any time. In recent years, we have already completed more than 400 projects throughout Europe.

»In metal construction, there is hardly any service that we cannot provide. We have highly specialized employees and are very well networked throughout Europe.«

Dalibor Scholaster, CEO

Are you planning a metal construction project? With our multi-layered and long-standing know-how, we develop the necessary steps together with you.

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Dalibor Scholaster, Managing Director Schobeli Gruppe